Getting to know: Haas&Haas Delicacies

Hello from Vienna today!

I would like to pamper all travelers and Viennese locals out there with a little treat or Schmankerl as they call it here in Austria and tell you about a delicacy shop that I found thanks to a Viennese friend who introduced me to one of their very tasty teas.

Haas&Haas is a delicacy store in the city center, right behind Stephan’s Dom. It’s located at Stephansplatz 4. They also have a café next to their store.

Take a look at their online store to see what you can buy there:

I especially recommend their tea selection:

Whether you like classics like green or black tea, fruit or herbal, or little more exotic types like white, rooibos or chai, you will find them all. Their varieties will keep you busy for a moment. One of my very favorites is white tea with raspberry flavor and cardamom.

If you happen to be in Vienna, take your time for an adventure trip on your senses and indulge in the wide array of tea flavors you will find there. I’ll be there today to stock up on my tea supply :)


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