Oktoberfest time

September is one of the best times of the year to be in Germany, more explicitly in Munich and Bavaria for the world famous Oktoberfest. You might be wondering why I say September. Traditionally, Oktoberfest starts in September and lasts until the first weekend in October. I am a little late with my recipes, but no worries, this is great food that you can serve at any occasion. In the Czech Republic, for example, potato salad is part of the traditional Christmas dinner.

Kartoffelsalat (Potato salad)

1 kg potatoes (boiled with skin and peeled while still warm)

1 glass pickles (small pickles: Cornichons)

2-3 onions (diced)

1 can of carrots

300g peas (frozen, alternatively, 1 can peas)

1-2 hard boiled eggs

Optional: bacon in cubes

Mustard (moutarde de dijon), olive oil, white vinegar, salt, pepper, mayonnaise (optional)


For a better result, prepare the salad 1 day in advance

1) Cook the potatoes (unpeeled) in boiling water for about about 30 min (after 30 min take a fork and test a few potatoes, the inside should be soft but the potatoes should not fall apart)

2) Let the potatoes cool down until you can hold them and then peel them, afterwards slice them up

3) In a huge bowl mix the potatoes with the onions, pickles, carrots and peas, before stirring add some pickle juice, 2 table spoons mustard, olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper (be generous with your seasoning, the salad will absorb much of it)

4) Finally, add your bacon and egg cubes and stir well

5) Cover the bowl and leave it in the fridge for a few hours, ideally over night


Spundekäs’ + Brezel (Cheese spread + pretzels)

500g low-fat cream cheese (Magerquark), substitute: Philadelphia (German Frischkäse)

250g plain yoghurt or crème fraiche

1-2 onions (diced)

2-3 table spoons paprika

1 tea spoon salt


1) Mix all ingredients well together.

2) Serve with pretzels. The pretzels can be either fresh from the bakery or snack pretzels that you buy in the supermarket. You dip the pretzels in the cream cheese.

To complete your Oktoberfest feast, serve Sauerkraut, sausages or pork chops, and of course free flow of German beer!

Zum Wohl!


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