Baked chicken with marinade

If you are a chicken fan, then this recipe is a big yuummmmm and the color combination gives your lunch or dinner a big happiness factor :) I came up with this creation as I was thinking about some variety for baked chicken. The combo of garlic, orange and Chinese Szechuan pepper makes it a little bit exotic but still it’s very easy to make and very tasty!


3-4 chicken legs or a whole chicken

20-30 g butter (alternatively olive oil)

1-2 table spoons paprika powder

1-2 garlic cloves

Szechuan pepper (whole peppercorns)

1 orange


1) Rinse the meat under running water and dry with paper towel.

2) Peel and slice your garlic cloves.

3) Then melt the butter and mix it with the paprika powder.

4) Cover the chicken with your paprika marinade and sprinkle with Szechuan peppercorns (if you haven’t head Szechuan pepper before, be modest, it has a quite intense taste)

5) Cut the orange and your garlic cloves in slices and put them on top.

6) Cover with plastic foil or a lid and leave the meat in the fridge over night (a few hours also works if you don’t have time to prepare it a day in advance).

7) Bake at the highest temperature for 30-60 min (depending on whether you are baking the chicken legs or the whole chicken), check after 15-20 min and cover with alu foil if necessary.


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