Getting to know: Molecular cuisine


Lately I came across molecular cooking and I find it quite fascinating! One of the references to mention here is Modernist Cuisine, a cook book by Nathan Myhrvold, published in March 2011. Look at the picture below and you will understand what this molecular cooking is about: It’s a very scientific approach to cooking that brings together chemistry and physics. I have looked at a chapter in book 4 (this Modernist Cuisine book is a cooking bible consisting of 5 books, each with 400-500 pages of contents!) and it’s quite interesting what they are capable of doing to sauces and liquids (among other things that you will find in the remaining volumes).

A funny example is how they manage to solidify olive oil at room temperature: They simply add cocoa butter to it. That’s possible because cocoa butter starts melting only around body temperature!

Guess I will start saving money soon to be able to afford a molecular dinner at a special restaurant next year. Should be my first resolution for 2012! Cheers everyone!


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