Liver and kidney: Cooking the unusual

I have something exotic for you today. The first time I re-discovered liver was last year in the States in the form of fried chicken liver and I loved it. You may take a guess where exactly that was:  In South Carolina, one of the Southern states, where they like to fry everything from pickles to snickers :)

Earlier in my life, I was deeply convinced that liver was among my least favorite things, if not to say it was parked on my list of uneatable dishes. As a child, its taste reminded me too much of blood. A big plus though is that liver and kidney are a very good source of iron and vitamin B12. Another plus is that you get both liver and kidney meat for very cheap in the supermarkets.

If you are not sure about what kind of liver or kidney to try, I recommend you to grab what you find in your local supermarket. Taste wise chicken and pork are quite similar.

Finally, I would also like to include the names in other languages I know to avoid confusion: In Germany, you need to look for Leber & Niere. If you are in France, you will see it labeled as foie (what we normally know from foie gras) & rognon.

Ingredients (per Person):

300g of liver or kidney (either chicken or pork)

1 onion

Canola or olive oil


For the sauce:

100 ml white wine

1-2 table spoons mustard

3 table spoons water

1 table spoon flour

Salt, pepper


1) Dice your onion.

2) Prepare the meat: The first thing to do is to cut off the white parts. Especially with kidneys you will cut out quite a lot: The best approach is to cut the piece in two parts and then cut around the jelly middle part to get thin filet strips. If you don’t succeed with filet strips, you can also cut off mouth big squares. For my 300g, for example, I had around 100g of waste.

3) Preheat your pan with 1 table spoon of oil, then sauté the onion until it gets a glassy color. Then put aside in a small bowl.

4) Now fry the meat. It should be well done but not over fried, otherwise it will get too dry. Season with pepper.

5) If you are a sauce eater, I can recommend you a quick sauce that’s done in a few minutes: Pour 100ml of white wine in a small pan, add 1-2 table spoons of your mustard of choice & bring to a boil. If you like, season with salt & pepper.

6) Now mix 3 table spoons of water with 1 table spoon of flour in a small cup (this will be your sauce thickener).

7) While stirring, gently pour into your sauce and keep on stirring for another 3-5 min.

8) Serve with bread or a salad & enjoy :)


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