Getting to know: Kaminsky’s (Charleston SC)


This summer I’m posting from the US again. At this moment, I am exploring Charleston and its culinaria. Charleston’s selection of food places is amazing, you can be busy testing out different places and different styles 7 nights a week! You will find anything from Southern style, over local seafood to more traditional like Italian, Chinese, Mexican or any kind of fast food. Not to forget the many coffee places that serve cakes and dessert. My mission is to present you some of my favorite places in the Getting To Know section.

The first place I would like to introduce you to is Kaminsky’s on Market Street in downtown Charleston. My friend Ali is the pastry chef there and so I went to explore their range of cakes the other day. If you are in for a treat, you should try out their berry cobbler. It will be served to you with ice cream and whipped cream. A little bomb but certainly a must. I was also impressed with their cakes and pies: The Hummingbird spice cake is a three layer cake, if you manage to eat the whole slice, you must be a dessert pro :)

During happy hour, you will be served half-priced dessert martinis. You have the choice between such delicious flavors as White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle, Key Lime Pie, Cherry Ginger, The Thin Mint and a few more.

Yummy, that’s all I say! Don’t miss this place on your next visit to Charleston.

Here is the link:

And here is the menu:


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