Getting to know: The Spice & Tea Exchange

About two years ago, when I first came to Charleston, South Carolina, I took a walk downtown, in the corner around Market Street and came across a store, that sells all kinds of spices, teas and seasoning blends. I was amazed to find something like that!

Every product has a glass jar that you can open and smell. The aroma range covers everything from savory over sweet to spicy. And the selection is overwhelming, you will find something for every taste.

Let me give you a short list of what I remember: Cinnamon, parsley, chives, chili, paprika, salt & pepper in different colors and tastes, red, white & orange flavored sugar, vanilla, steak rubs, thai curry mixes, Chinese 5 spices mix, dip blends, chai tea, black tea, camomile tea, red wine aroma, Cajun seasoning, fish seasoning, turmeric, horseradish extract, and many more…I could probably list at least 100 more things. Those spices are without a doubt an accumulation from around this globe!

Do you remember one of those typical old pharmacies where every ingredient was kept in a small labeled drawer or container? To me, the Spice & Tea Exchange is a modern replication of this kind of pharmacy!

Treat your nose to something special on your next visit to Charleston!

Here is the shop’s link and address:

170-A Church Street, Charleston, SC 29401 (other locations are available across the United States)


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