A propos: Eating-salad-with-fat-free-dressing-is-not-good-for-you, says science

Well, I found this line on gizmodo and I have read about it before, interesting!


Mario Ferruzzi, the lead author of the study and an associate professor of food science at Purdue, said that in order to get more from eating fruits and vegetables, they need to be paired correctly with fat-based dressings.

My message to you:

Please don’t use those ready salad dressings that you get in the supermarkets and rather make your own dressing every time you make a salad. All you need is olive oil, vinegar, a pinch of salt and a spoon of mustard if preferred! It’s that easy and healthier as we have learnt today!

If you check the labels on the back of the product, many times you will see that the fat free or fat reduced products substitute fat with corn starch. I doubt that is better for you than 1% more fat!


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