Getting to know: Kochhaus (Germany)

Innovation and cooking are two things that go well together. I moved to Hamburg last week and was very happy to discover Kochhaus. Kochhaus is a local start up revolutionizing fast food. For any meal they offer, the customer purchases the individual ingredients (multiples of 1 person, depending on how many hungry souls you would like to feed) and does the cooking at home. Together with the purchase, you receive a brochure with the recipe. The best part about it: No need to buy large packages of something you won’t eat after you’re done cooking, no left-overs in your fridge and all that at very affordable prices. The meal I made below was around 2.5o Euro per person. Let’s have a look:

I cooked for two people. As you can see, I picked up 1 pack of spinach, 1 box of ricotta cheese, 1 pack of dried tomatoes, 1 pack of pasta and 1 cube veggie stock. Inside the store, little islands display each individual dish and the ingredients are presented on the tables, too. Have a look at their website: Currently, they run stores in Hamburg and in Berlin.

In case you would like to cook this dish, here is the link to the recipe:

And because it is in German, here is my translation:

Ingredients (for 2)

1 box ricotta cheese (250 g)

1 pack spinach leaves (300g)

dried tomatoes, preserved in olive oil (100g)

1 pack pasta (fusilli avellinesi) (250g)

1 cube veggie stock

75ml white wine or water

salt, pepper


1) Bring water to a boil in a medium-size pot.

2) Cut the tomatoes into small pieces, then fry them in a pan for about 2 min (fry them in the oil that came with them).

3) Now add the spinach leaves and at medium heat stir until the leaves shrink.

4) When the water is ready, add salt (1 tablespoon) and cook the pasta for 8-9 min (until al dente).

5) Meanwhile, pour white wine or water over the spinach/tomato mix and stir in the soup cube.

6) When dissolved, add the ricotta cheese and season with salt & pepper.

7) Finally, add the cooked pasta and combine with the sauce. Tatataa :)

My tip: Don’t be afraid of using some extra seasoning. I noticed that the recipes usually don’t come with a lot of seasoning. This pasta dish, for example, tasted great with a sip of balsamic vinegar and some nutmeg would have given the ricotta cheese a little more aroma.


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