Getting to know: Yumwe

Yumwe is a brand new German startup and social community, which combines cooking with making & meeting friends. Kochen macht Freunde translates into ‘Cooking makes friends’, and reminds of the saying Kochen macht Freude = ‘Cooking is fun’! I got to know Yumwe in a very unconventional way: Two weeks ago, I went out and was sipping on my drink at a bar in Hamburg when their flyer reached me. With my own passion for food and cooking, I couldn’t resist to take a look at their website and within 2 clicks I had signed up as ambassador (sometimes in life it pays off to be daring and try out new things, I thought).

And so it happened that I attended Yumwe’s first ambassador meeting with Erik and Aurel, two of the founders, and a handful of fellow ambassadors a few days ago. We had an excellent evening, were the first people to be introduced to Yumwe’s beta version of their website, chatted about our lives and exchanged ideas about food & cooking. Besides our passion for food, we could not have been more different, we all had completely different professional backgrounds, which made it even more fun to get to know each other.

So what is it actually that Yumwe will spoil us with in the future? Become a member of the Yumwe community and get to know new people or catch up with old friends by attending or hosting a cooking event. That’s it, great food and fun guaranteed! Meat free sessions for vegetarians, BBQs for meat lovers in the summer, baking for the sweethearts among us, wine tastings for the connoisseurs. The choice will be endless.

To follow the concept of Yumwe, we initiated the first cooking session. Aurel had selected a 3 course menu that we all helped to prepare. Take a look at the culinaria we were allowed to taste:

Entree: Arugula salad with fine ham, figs and buffalo mozzarella

Main course: Mashed celery with pears, leaks & walnuts

Dessert: ‘Verschleiertes Bauernmädchen’ made of pumpernickel bread, dark chocolate, plain yoghurt or curd cheese and berry jam

Celery mash with peach & leeks

German dessert with pumpernickel, chocolate, curd cheese & jam

Yumwe will be launching in cities across Germany (Hamburg, Berlin, München, Frankfurt, Leipzig, to name a few) in November.

Stay tuned and check out their website ( A culinary revolution is on its way, promised!


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