Halloween’s pumpkin deliciousness

Pumpkin time isn’t over yet and so I have decided to post another pumpkin recipe. This time I’m sending you a very nice side dish! Basically, you only need one pumpkin and a few spices for it. So why not try it out?

One thing to remember when you cook pumpkin: Don’t overcook it or you will have to deal with mashed pumpkin pulp instead of a tasty firm delicacy.

Happy Halloween to all ghosts, Frankensteins and all other spooky people out there today!


1 pumpkin (e.g. Hokkaido)

1 cup water + water to boil the pumpkin

4 cloves garlic

tomato paste

ginger root (1 inch)

salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, coriander powder

olive oil

optional: chopped peppermint leaves


1) Start with cleaning and cutting the pumpkin. Depending on how little pulp your pumpkin has, you may leave the skin on and cut 1 inch wide slices that you boil with the skin (that way it’s much easier to cut off the skin). If you don’t know what to do with the left over seeds, here is my suggestion: https://fourchetteknife.com/2012/10/20/its-pumpkin-time/

2) Now peel and cut the garlic and the ginger root (I suggest to make mini garlic dice and very thin ginger slices).

3) In a pan prepare your sauce: Mix 1 cup water with 2 tablespoons tomato paste, the garlic and ginger pieces, and then add all the spices (salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, coriander powder). Season to taste but be careful with the cayenne pepper as it’s quite spicy and the coriander because some people don’t like the strong taste of it so much. Bring the mix to a boil at a medium temperature.

4) Meanwhile, start boiling the pumpkin. It takes about 10-15 min until the pulp is soft. Make sure not to overcook it, its texture should still be firm.

5) When the pumpkin is ready, take off the skin (if you haven’t done so before) and mix it with the sauce in your pan.

6) Stir well for a little a few minutes on low heat.

7) If you like fresh peppermint, garnish with chopped peppermint leaves and serve as a side dish to meat or rice.


For the original recipe, click here (my version is slightly modified):


Original title: Kürbis afghanische Art (Pumpkin, Afghan style)


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