Getting to know: Meßmer Momentum (Hamburg, DE)

What I like to include in my Hamburg discovery tours are culinary expeditions. We have a friend visiting us this weekend and so we had a perfect occasion yesterday to explore Hamburg´s Meßmer Momentum.

Meßmer is an old German tea trading company and in most German supermarkets you will find Meßmer tea products. What is special about the Meßmer Momentum in Hamburg is that it is a venue in the Hafencity (harbor city) combining a museum, tea house and shop, all in a very relaxed and exclusive atmosphere.

The tea house offers a variety of tea blends from all around the world. You will even find tea smoothie, t-espresso and ice tea variations on the menu. One of my favorites and a must-tastes while visiting the North of Germany is the Ostfriesen tea blend. It is a black tea blend mainly composed of Assam and Ceylon leaves and you drink it with a clump of white rock candy sugar and a sip of cream. Delicious!

In the late 1900s the Meßmer family held the honor of being exclusive supplier to the German emperor. Don´t miss out on the official Kaisertee (emperor´s tea blend) if you would like to taste it, they also serve it in the tea house.

Of course, I could not resist to visit the tea shop afterwards. The tea is sold in tea bags for around 3 Euro a pack but also in loose leaves and I can´t think of a tea that is not sold there. That said it´s a perfect place to hunt for birthday and Christmas gifts.

Meßmer Momentum is located at: Am Kaiserkai 10, 20457 Hamburg. This is their official website:


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