Getting to know: Frutapura in Prague, CZ



This Sunday I was strolling through the pre-Christmas scenery of Prague’s old town when I stumbled upon a bio fruit & veggie store named Frutapura. My mission of this afternoon was to buy some exotic fruit we like to decorate our Christmas table with and snack on during the Christmas holidays. That morning I had first been disappointed by the unripe mangoes and avocados that were on display in the supermarket around the corner and so I decided to continue with my mission.

Happy to have found a specialized store with high quality produce I took out my shopping list and grabbed my avocado, passionfruit, a khaki (also known as persimmon fruit), grapes, and longans (a fruit similar to lychee). That’s not everything though: The store also offers a nice selection of house-made fresh juices and some culinary treats from around the world (e.g. Italian pesto and dried tomatoes, Hungarian paprika, Czech honey)

Just as I pulled out my cotton recycling bag (don’t laugh, it is still quite a rare thing outside of Germany that people bring their recycle bags), I got the chance to meet George, the manager, and chat with him about the store’s concept and what makes me buy quality produce.

Now, I have a question for you: Do you occasionally or even regularly think about where your food comes from?

Are you Vegetarian or even Vegan because you are shocked by our mass meat production systems that raise animals like monsters without daylight and free moving space?

I don’t want to go into details here. Documentaries like `We feed the world`and `Food Inc`will show you what I am speaking about.

The point I want to make is that we should maybe question our food quality more often. Mass consumption is cheap but is it always good for us as well? I doubt. In order to make everything available all year around and that for cheap money, somebody has to make a sacrifice in our food chain. On top of that, bio or organic does not automatically guarantee that the taste of the product is great, especially now during the Christmas season when we all have an eye on exotic fruit. This gap is what Frutapura tries to bridge by offering only a selection of the freshest and tastiest produce. If you are not convinced, I suggest the following: Go to a farmer or grocer and buy a tangerine or orange, then buy the same fruit at your local supermarket chain and taste the difference. Simple but effective :)

I hope you’ve all passed a tasty and relaxing Christmas time with your families and I’m looking forward to supplying you with culinary treats in the New Year. Cheers mates!

Where to find Frutapura? Frutapura is located in Rámova 739/1 , Praha 1. For the Prague locals: if you visit you can even place your home delivery of veggie & fruit. Nice concept, isn’t it?


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