Use cooking as your inspiration, healthy food as your life credo

Breakfast coffee

I love to look through cookbooks, get inspiration for new meals, invent my own recipes and most importantly I enjoy the colors and smell of food.

When I try to trace back my passion, I think of my dad. With his job (he used to work as a cameraman), he got to travel the world and whenever he came back home, he tried to bring along a local specialty. Sometimes chocolate, sometimes salami or sometimes just some particular kind of seasoning or condiment. Here comes a bottle of jerk sauce to my mind: Back then I thought this sauce was a joke, haha, funny way to learn about jerk sauce. Every weekend, we would then cook together and enjoy an exotic meal. This made me taste alligator meat, got me familiar with French escargots and Asian wok meals. Not everybody will be delighted with such exotic meals but even traditional meals can be made at home easily.

Good taste isn’t everything though. Think about eating in a group as a social event. It’s not only a perfect occasion to catch up with friends and meet new people, a dinner party will also let you be creative and try out new recipes and ingredients you normally do not cook with.

Sometimes the time I take to prepare my meal is like a relaxation therapy. I think about what I want to cook, select the ingredients carefully, and when it’s ready on my plate and tastes good, I feel good, too. That doesn’t happen every day, of course, but at least on the weekends I try to make one nice home-made meal for us. With nice I mean that I will go for something tasty but not necessarily a calorie bomb. I always include vegetables on the side and try not to make meals with heavy sauces. If your produce and meat is fresh and tasty, I believe there is no reason for a heavy cream sauce. Use spices instead.

We should also not neglect the origin of what we put into our mouths and our bodies. I’m quite an opponent of fast food. Not a quick omelette you fry in the pan or a peanut butter jelly sandwich once in a while. What I mean is a quick stop at a fast food chain with an order of french fries and a burger. There are so many quick dishes you can prepare with fresh ingredients, think about it next time! Your body wants his daily dose of vitamins and a portion of your carbohydrate intake can be easily substituted or completed with fibre (e.g. lentils, beans) to support your digestion. You are what you eat, so why not make a choice?

You are what you eat

Good food makes you happy, every day! With a routine towards healthy food, you will notice very quickly how much better you feel. Heavy meals and sweets make you feel tired. If instead you go for a lighter lunch with a generous portion of veggies, you might not even feel the need for an afternoon coffee. Your body will be able to digest it without too much effort. Add a session of exercise or a nice walk and your body and mind will be happier than ever before.

Small sins are allowed, of course, don’t get me wrong. I also don’t enjoy munching on salad leaves every day. There are excellent desserts and I am a big fan of the French cheese dessert (typically after the main course, you enjoy some cheese, e.g. camembert or brie, with a slice of bread) but those things shouldn’t make up the big portion of what you eat.

I hope to inspire my readers with healthy culinaria from around the world that offers a big variety of tastes and is not too difficult to prepare. Over 90% of what I am posting, I have pre-tested and cooked before myself. You will manage as well, no doubts about that, even if you’re not an experienced cook :)

Use my Archive tab on the upper right of my home screen and you will be able to scroll through all recipes and posts published so far. My A-Z categories will help you to find recipes by category of interest (e.g. Easy&Fast, Veggie, Exotic, Snack, etc.). And if you have any questions or inspirations feel free to send me an email ( or post a comment, I will be very happy to hear from you!


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  1. learnitalianforfun says:

    Nice post and tips! Thanks for sharing :)

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