Chorizo soup

Next time you’ll be in search of a quick lunch that is a good alternative to fast food, I might have the right recipe for you.

In principal, this is how you make it: Boil some veggies, process them in a blender, add water or milk, season to taste and add some slices of chorizo sausage. And voila, that’s how I made my lunch yesterday.

Ingredients (serves 1 person):
1 apple
2 carrots
1 piece celery root (same size as the apple)
1 leek or spring onion
1 cup whole milk
1 small Chorizo salami (about 10cm)
A few leaves fresh basil or fresh parsley
Seasoning: Salt, pepper, ground nutmeg (optional)

1) Clean and peel the vegetables, then cut them in mouth big pieces
2) Meanwhile bring about 750 ml of water to a boil
3) Boil the veggies until they are soft (20-30 min)
4) In a blender, process the veggies
5) Pour the puree back in the pot you used to boil the veggies, add a cup of milk and season to taste. If you like your soup creamy, add cream
6) Add the sliced Chorizo and bring the soup to a boil for another 5 min
7) Garnish with fresh basil or parsley leaves


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