Getting to know: Chinese LaMian Noodles @ Studio Bühler, Hamburg

LaMian, hen hao che! :) This weekend was fun time, dear friends and followers, Chris and I had signed up for an exclusive LaMian prepare-them-yourself cooking action session. And let me tell you, for that night I really felt sent back in time, to the good old China times, when we used to get the very yummie LaMian noodle soup for very little money from the local noodle guy. Already amazed by just watching the cooks artful moves and his technique to pull noodles by stretching and folding the dough, I would not have thought to give it a try myself one day. Fortunately, there is Heike Bühler, who studied the LaMian noodle making techniques very carefully during her own stay in China, and her Studio Bühler, which organizes the LaMian events right around the corner from Reeperbahn in Hamburg.

Chinese LaMian Noodle SoupNow, let me tell you, how we passed this great evening. All of us were welcomed with an apron and a pack of flour. Simple, yet effective. A bowl of water and 2 hours of kneading, folding and pulling apart later, we felt ready to finally pull the fine noodles ourselves and to make a delicious soup. Well, so said, we felt ready but somehow the dough wouldn´t do what we wanted it to do and our noodle strings would break just as we thought we had succeeded. Heike thankfully told us that it took her half a year of practice time to be able to do it. We didn´t give up either so that in the end, we all got at least one of those gorgeously delicious bowls of LaMian noodle soup.

Chinese LaMian in the makingOur little group of 8 people had a great and chatty night with one or the other glass of wine and next time you´re in Hamburg, don´t forget about Heike and book your LaMian noodlecraft session :)


0049 – (0) 17 73 72 84 07

STUDIOBUEHLER | Kleine Freiheit 1/ 6 | 22767 Hamburg


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