A propos: 2 things you can do with a banana slicer

Cooking is fun and like anything in life we shouldn’t always be too serious about what we do. That’s why I want to introduce you to a cooking tool today, which you might or might not be impressed with. Banana slicers might seem like an extremely useful or useless tool, that’s up to you, but I guarantee you that you will at least have a good laugh :)

This is how I found out about banana slicers:

A few months back I was strolling through a household supply store. This visit was part of my neighborhood discovery tour right after we had moved to Hamburg. I was in search of random things to complete our new household. From A to Z, they had anything on stock you could imagine. I spent over an hour in the store and was tempted to buy way more than what I wanted and needed. All of a sudden, next to peelers, cooking spoons and other kitchen accessories, I discovered this yellow thing.

banana slicer1

Looks like a banana and could be used as a banana slicer. Tatataaaa, so easy. Another piece of plastic on this planet. Not that I really needed it but I definitely needed it for our friend Gabor, whom I admire for his kitchen equipment. In his drawers and cabinets, you can find such things as pan separating sheets, a burger paddy press, apple pit removers, a stylish juice squeezer and much more. So why not add a banana slicer I thought :)

banana slicer2

Last weekend, we were over at Gabor’s house barbecuing and when I rediscovered the banana slicer I couldn’t resist to use it. Plus, I discovered that it actually is a multi purpose gadget: It won’t only slice bananas but do a good job with sausages as well.

banana slicer3

Now it’s up to you to tell us which extremely useful or useless kitchen accessories you have come across. I am looking forward to your comments and pictures.


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