Getting to know: HelloFresh and their Kochbox

Welcome back to the world of gourmets. I hope all of you had a good start and I would like to welcome you back to a yummilicious year with creative ideas on what and where to eat and drink here on Fourchette&Knife. This year starts well, at least that was my experience this week.

This is  how it started: Right back from my Christmas vacation with an empty fridge welcoming me back home (I mean a literally empty fridge that had mustard, an old pack of milk and 4 eggs waiting for me), I had the wonderful opportunity to test a Kochbox aka cooking kit by HelloFresh awaiting me. The box was delivered with a Best Of of their 2013 recipes and I got three meals to try out.

What is HelloFresh?
HelloFresh is a German startup which brings cooking kits right to your doorstep, every week, with varying recipes and all recipes match exactly the amount you need. The recipes are tasty and simple but healthy. You only need to spare 20-30 minutes for prep time and cooking which is totally feasible and you don’t need to be a kitchen pro. Alright, maybe you should be the proud owner of a pan, pot, knife and a few ingredients like salt, pepper and cooking oil but that should be it. No more fast food craving dangers and what’s best: You have a good reason to make your New Year’s resolutions come true with little effort.

At the moment HelloFresh is available in a few countries worldwide, so why not check it out. Here is the link to the German site:

Curious to see what the box looks like?

DSC06166 - Version 2Kochen mit Liebe = Coooking with Love

DSC_0095The box comes with signature from the HelloFresh team :)

DSC06173This is what you get
DSC06179That’s how you prepare it

Stay tuned for the three meals I cooked.

Here is my very personal review for you:
The HelloFresh box (Kochbox) is a great way of having a healthy and quick meal during the week or on the weekend. No need to run to the supermarket and care for organising all ingredients, they are all delivered to you! So no more queuing in the supermarket and no more headaches about finding a tasty recipes. I was surprised how quickly the meal was cooked and can confirm that it tastes great. The box is reasonably priced and offers great value for the money you pay. The food suppliers are carefully selected ensuring that you only receive high quality foods.


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