Getting to know: Lehka Hlava in Prague, CZ

This weekend I had the pleasure of a full-time family weekend in Prague. My parents are Czech and even though I was raised in Germany I grew up with a lot of Czech traditions and especially Czech food. You should have seen our reaction as kids if grandma hadn’t had time to bake a traditional apple strudel (jablkovy zavin) prior To our arrival; it was scandalous. Homemade dumplings were another obligation.

Lucky enough, I didn’t miss out on anything from the colorful and very tasty culinary palette this weekend (for the connoisseurs of Czech cuisine (svickova, clebicky, kolace, vetrniky, klobasa). It’s always an adventure to stroll through a local supermarket where so much food is global merchandize, yet it’s easy to spot the local delicacies especially in terms of meat, dairy and baked products.

During my last trips I have started exploring the local food scene that goes beyond Czech restaurants and I am pleasantly surprised. Not necessarily with the imitations of Italian and French cuisine (crostini are small pieces of toast and not half a baguette sandwich as seen at Cafe de Paris) but with the veggie-vegan offer. My favorite is a restaurant called Lehka Hlava (Clear Head, literally light head which wouldn’t quite suit the place).

Lehka Hlava

First time I was there I enjoyed veggie skewers with homemade potato gratin. This time I had a raw salad with red lentils and goat cheese with spinach and potato gratin. My favorite drink is aloe juice.

The restaurant is in a hidden corner about 3-5 min walking distance from Charles bridge and has a unique and lovely interior. Next time you want to avoid the typical tourist traps, this place might be a good idea.

What to eat there?

Where to find the restaurant?

Borsov 2/280, Prague 1 – Old Town

Where to find Lehka Hlava in Prague


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