Getting to know: Caramelized, the cookbook app

Caramelized…mmmhh, that must be a desert or cake you must think, maybe crème brûlée. Not quite. Sorry to disappoint you, it’s much better: Caramelized is a smart phone and tablet app that lets you to find great cookbooks, manage your favourite recipes and even download the shopping list to your smart phone. Gone are the days of cramped bookshelves and soaked pages.


It seems that every day another piece of our world is getting digitalized. And so it is with Caramelized. Caramelized is a digital cookbook library:  You have all your purchased cookbooks on your tablet and cook with it next to you in the kitchen. While you cook, you can even zoom in on the individual steps of the recipe so at any time you know what to do with one finger flip, perfect!

Some cookbooks include short videos on how to make the food. In fact, Caramelized turns any paper cookbook into a smart cookbook: If you want to cook for more people than indicated in the recipe, fill out the multiplier and you will be shown the exact amount of ingredients needed for your dinner party.

The app is free, simply download it from the App store or Google’s play store and only pay for the cookbook or single recipe (for as little as 0.89 Euro) that you want to purchase! Most of the cookbooks are available in German, some in English. With your account, you can share the recipes with up to five devices.

And here is a teaser for you: Sit down with a cup of coffee and select what you want to cook for dinner. Then send the shopping list to your husband`s smartphone and let him buy the groceries, it couldn’t be easier :)

For a quick overview of the features and content visit their website:

Have fun exploring the new cooking experience, foodists :)


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  1. Sam Taha says:

    Cool app. Will change how you use cookbooks in the kitchen. Like how you can buy individual recipes. Now your iPad is a cooking tool :)

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