My McDonald’s vision

You have gotten to know Fourchette&Knife in the past years as a platform for tasty recipes, delightful pictures and useful cuisine tips, yet I want to give you some food for thought today and share my McDonald’s vision with you. You could replace McDonald’s with any other fast food chain, the vision aspect would still make sense. The reason why I am choosing McDonald’s is because of the very recent news that contaminated meat has been found in hamburgers in China. As a consequence, McDonald’s quit selling hamburgers in Chinese restaurants temporarily and keeps selling fish burgers instead. To tell the truth: I was shocked. To me this was another proof of our food chain being so in-transparent and dangerous sometimes that I want to quit eating meat and start farming my own vegetables.

Here is my vision.

What would actually happen if tomorrow the big fast food chains disappeared from our planet? What a strange thought you might think but let me tell you this: I came to the conclusion that nothing would happen because

  1. Our health would get better,
  2. We would probably spend a little more on food but
  3. In the end, we would find something to eat regardless of the omnipresent appearance of McDonald’s, Burger King & Co.
  4. Maybe for the first time in our lives we would start thinking about the impact modern industrialization has on our food and nutrition in terms of artificial flavors, unhealthy sugars, modified fats, additives and preservatives. No hen would lay an egg with any of these ingredients, nor would a cow add them to their milk, or a salad grow them in their leaves.

To me it seems that we have just gotten too used to the fast food convenience. Especially the ones among us who grew up with it.

Back to the roots or back to basics should be the credo of all of us.

When I started writing this blog it emerged out of my lack of understanding for the popularity of fast food in the US. Many people I met, frequently eat out and many times they end up at fast food places. Not only does the food look gross many times, it also has a taste close to zero. Oh, and it’s wrapped in a ton of paper and plastic. Good value for money? I am not sure. Any meal I cook at home, be it a simple omelet, tastes fresher and better to me.

So why pick up this discussion if each of us should be free to decide what they want to eat?

It’s very simple: The damaging effect of fast food is omnipresent in the media. Supersize me was the first documentary I can think of. What came next was Food Inc. In Germany, we heard lots of tumult about a German undercover reporter called Wallraff who investigated at Burger King stores  and found alarming circumstances with regard to food quality, hygiene and employee treatment. McDonald’s was just too lucky not to be on his list in the first place. Jamie Oliver is another one to name when it comes to showing how McDonald’s modifies their meat with ammonium hydroxide. Purple meat turned into chicken nuggets. Outch.

Watch  Günter Wallraff here:

Watch Jamie Oliver here:

In most of the wealthy industrial countries we see a trend towards bio, organic, paleo, vegan & veggie. You name them. Yet these countries also have the biggest rate of diabetes patients. So many things don’t make sense when we look at how we eat.

Let’s see what will happen in the next decade to come. I am hoping for a decline of unhealthy fast food places and will do my best to post simple and tasty recipes that all of us can cook with little effort. With time and a little discipline, we can learn again how to properly nourish our bodies.

And what is your vision?


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