Getting to know: Die Pâtisserie in Hamburg, DE

This morning I woke up to a typical Hambourgeoise autumn day: Grey drizzling skies with temperatures around 13 degrees. Not very inviting to go outside. Unless you know where to go for a cozy and delicious breakfast!

In Hamburg, I highly recommend Marktzeit @ Fabrik Altona ( The Fabrik in Altona is an old factory building that is used on Saturdays during the colder months for a kind of farmer’s and artisan market where you will find all sorts of hand-crafted things and great food.

Die Patisserie

Die Pâtisserie is one of my favorites there and I want to introduce you to their brilliant French pastry today. The smell of fresh croissants, pains au chocolat, madeleines and brioches will bring you to their stand and you will be enchanted by the French flair within a second. Pierre and his wife Nissa do their best to make us taste a piece of the French savoir-vire. This morning I couldn’t stop myself and had to try a little bit of everything :)

Don’t miss out on their great pastry during your next Hamburg visit or Saturday morning stroll through. What’s even better: Die Pâtisserie will open a small shop in Altona in the new year. Stay tuned for more!




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