Getting to know: Copenhagen food inspirations

Last weekend was a hit. We spent the weekend in Copenhagen. Best part about it: Apart from the flight, the Airbnb apartment and a few recommendations of friends, we had nothing planned. Blank agenda that got filled with great impressions.

We started out with a guided bike tour with Bike Mike (a curiosity in a very positive way if you ask me) indulging into the flair of Copenhagen. From there we spent the afternoon strolling around the shopping streets and Christiania, the kind of autonomous area (compare it to St.Pauli or Sternschanze’s Rote Flora in Hamburg). We ended the night with a gorgeous dinner at Almanak. The next day was a declared museum and coffee drinking day (thanks to the grey and cold weather it was impossible to spend much time outside). Not bad either, that made us discover some nice cafés and a pretty lively food market.

Travelling is one of the best inspirational sources…food for your soul and creativity. You start with a blank page when you arrive and leave with a picture book full of impressions. I tried to capture some of my favorite impressions from this weekend for you. So if by occasion you get to spend a weekend in Copenhagen, don’t miss out on these great spots:



I noticed the Palæo products at a local 7Eleven store where I bought one of their salads with beef and mustard honey sauce. I, myself, am rather a sceptic when it comes to paleo food. If you want to strictly follow such a diet I find it hard to organize your life around it. Having seen Palæo meals and their stand at the food market I must admit that I changed my mind. The food looks and tastes delicious and is fresh and healthy on top. Well done!

Torvehallernre Food Market, Hall No 1, Rømersgade 18


Restaurant Almanak at The Standard


Almanak was a friend’s recommendation. We went for the 3 course surprise menu and enjoyed it with a craft beer and Alsace Riesling.

The service was great with just the right attention and kindness. The atmosphere: relaxed and cosy. The food: The perfect composition of what I would have chosen from the à la carte menu. Small paintings on a plate.

Starter: Baked Cod & mussel soup, crispy bread and spring garlic with a trait of a very delicious dark green oil

Entree: Stuffed quail with glaced onions, thyme, cep & morrels

Dessert: Haycream, rhubarb sorbet, hip rose, vanilla & “guf”

If you go, don’t forget to book a table. The place is a popular destination! Oops, and sorry, for the lack of pictures. It was too dark inside and I came out with very blurry shots so please refer to my postcard repertoire.

Havnegade 44


Big Apple Café and Juice Bar

Big Apple Copenhagen


We discovered this café by plain coincidence. I loved the rustic interior with olive trees and wooden furniture. The place was perfect for a laid-back chill out after our museum visit.

The tuna sandwich with pesto and a drizzle of olive oil was a hit!

Kronprinsessegade 2


The Royal Smushi Cafe in Copenhagen

What the hell is smushi? That’s what I thought when I read the sign in front of the café. Especially in combination with royal I couldn’t imagine what to expect inside the café. My guess would have been fancy macaroon creations à la LaDurée and had to consult google to understand that smushi = open sandwich and sushi.

I like this artsy interpretation of open sandwiches aka smörrebröd. If you enjoy modern interiors with a twist of chic then this café is the perfect scene for an afternoon snack.

Amagertorv 6

For smushi recipes take a look here:


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