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Exotic summer salad

3 Jul

Summer is on and we are enjoying it at full throttle. Sitting on the terrace for a late dinner while there is still light out there feels so good. Because I want to enjoy the long days as much as I can, I tend to make quick meals in the summer.

Last week, I ended up in the kitchen baking birthday muffins and I can tell you that it felt like a visit to the sauna with the hot oven around me. That adds to my point about quick meals without long cooking.

Today, I decided to go for a salad in which I bring together a rainbow of tastes. Let surprise yourself with this summer salad recipe!


Ingredients (serves 2 people):

1/s lettuce

2-3 carrots

1 shallot

1 fennel head

1/2 cup barley or bulgur

Roast pork

Cantaloupe melon

For the dressing:


Soy sauce

Basil infused olive oil (or regular olive oil)


  1. Prepare the dressing by squeezing one orange and adding 2-3 tablespoons of soy sauce and oil. Basil infused olive oil will give your dressing an exceptional and fresh note. In case you do not have basil infused olive oil at home, you can as well chop up a few fresh basil leaves and add them together with extra virgin olive oil.
  2. Cut your veggies and arrange them layer by layer on a plate: First comes shredding your lettuce, then peeling and thinly slicing 2-3 carrots. After that, slice the fennel and shallot.
  3. At high heat, sear the shallot and fennel in a pan with a teaspoon of butter. When your done, place it as the next layer on your salad.
  4. Cut the cantaloupe in small dices.
  5. In a small pan, cook your barley or bulgur as instructed. Add a pinch of salt to the boiling water.
  6. Now for the roast pork, you have two options: Buy it cooked and ready for use or make a roast yourself (very time consuming). I used left-overs that I had in the freezer and cut them in dices.
  7. Before you put the last layer on your salad, combine the cantaloupe, barley or bulgur and the diced roast pork in a bowl and add some olive oil and a spoon of the dressing that you have prepared in the beginning.
  8. Pour the dressing over the first two layers, add the last layer (melon-meat-barley/bulgur mix) and enjoy.


Chorizo soup

16 Feb

Next time you’ll be in search of a quick lunch that is a good alternative to fast food, I might have the right recipe for you.

In principal, this is how you make it: Boil some veggies, process them in a blender, add water or milk, season to taste and add some slices of chorizo sausage. And voila, that’s how I made my lunch yesterday.

Ingredients (serves 1 person):
1 apple
2 carrots
1 piece celery root (same size as the apple)
1 leek or spring onion
1 cup whole milk
1 small Chorizo salami (about 10cm)
A few leaves fresh basil or fresh parsley
Seasoning: Salt, pepper, ground nutmeg (optional)

1) Clean and peel the vegetables, then cut them in mouth big pieces
2) Meanwhile bring about 750 ml of water to a boil
3) Boil the veggies until they are soft (20-30 min)
4) In a blender, process the veggies
5) Pour the puree back in the pot you used to boil the veggies, add a cup of milk and season to taste. If you like your soup creamy, add cream
6) Add the sliced Chorizo and bring the soup to a boil for another 5 min
7) Garnish with fresh basil or parsley leaves

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