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Mousse au chocolat

29 May

Who does not like desserts?

As far as I know, almost nobody. I am sure that out of a group of 10, a maximum of 1-2 persons do not have a sweet tooth and do not get attracted by a sweet seduction after a good meal. For you as a hobby chef, that is good news. Offering a tasty dessert at a dinner party will make your guests happy. That being said, do not skip dessert :)

My experience is that desserts with dark chocolate always are a perfect fit after any kind of main course. They go well with digestives like liqueurs, an espresso or your glass of red or white wine.

I was invited to a dinner party last night and decided to go with mousse au chocolat. Turns out, it was a good choice: It is quick to make and you only need 4 ingredients.

mousse au chocolat

Ingredients (serves 6-7 people):

200g dark chocolate (60% cocoa)

100g very dark chocolate (85% cocoa)

20g white chocolate

400ml whipping cream

2 eggs

Raspberries for decoration


1. Melt all the dark chocolate in a bain-marie.

What is a bain-marie? You do not want to destroy the chocolate by melting it at a too hot temperature. Therefore, you use a bowl or small pot that you place in a larger pot with hot water. Stir the chocolate while melting it and make sure that no water spills into the chocolate. This would make the chocolate flaky instead of smooth.

Put aside and let cool down. The consistency of the chocolate has to be viscous (not liquid) before you continue processing it.

2. Separate egg white from yolks. In separate bowls,  whisk the egg whites until they are stiff and the egg yolks until they are fluffy.

3. Whip the cream with a hand mixer until it has a very firm consistency. Takes about 2-3 min.

4. Prepare a bowl that is large enough for all ingredients. Use a spatula and not a hand mixer from now on as you want to slowly combine all ingredients.

Start with the fluffy egg yolks by adding them to your bowl.

Now stir in the chocolate.

Add the egg whites.

Finally, work in the whipped cream. Leave about 2-3 tablespoons of whipped cream for decoration.

5. Serve the mousse straight away or chill it in the fridge (good idea if you want to prepare the mousse in advance). It is important that the mousse is firm like a pudding. Should that not be the case, cool it in an ice bath by placing the bowl into a larger bowl with ice-cube infused water or in the fridge until it gets firm.

6. Decoration: Melt the white chocolate in a bain-marie (just like the dark chocolate earlier). Wash a few raspberries. In a small bowl, put a scoop of mousse au chocolate and decorate it with a spoon of whipped cream, 2-3 raspberries and drizzle a few lines of white chocolate on top of the mousse. Enjoy with pleasure.


Gib-mir-die-Kugel Torte (Hazelnut Cream Cake)

2 Dec

If one day you would like to seduce a friend or family member with a one of a kind birthday cake, then I´ve got the right recipe for you! This cake is a dream of hazelnut cream, made with two packs of Ferrero Rocher chocolate balls. And the best thing about it: It´s gluten free. For the dough you use ground hazelnuts instead of flour.

A side comment on the German title: Gib mir die Kugel could be translated as Give me the bullet or Shoot me. This reflects a little bit the feeling you will have after having indulged in a generous slice. Since it is a German recipe originally, I have included the German version below.


150g soft butter or margarine

150g sugar

2 packs vanilla sugar or a few drops vanilla flavor

4 eggs

200g ground hazelnuts

1 pack or 1 tablespoon baking soda

32 Ferrero Rocher chocolate balls (equals 2 packs)

600ml whipping cream

40g milk chocolate


1) First blend the butter, the sugar, 1 pack of vanilla flavoring and the 4 eggs together. Then add the ground hazelnuts and the baking soda to the mix.

2) Bake at 180 degrees Celsius or 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 min. Let the dough cool down before applying the cream layer.

3) In a bowl crush 24 chocolate balls. Then whip the cream until stiff, add some vanilla flavoring and gently blend into the crushed chocolate balls.

4) Use a cake ring to evenly spread the hazelnut cream onto the dough.

5) In a cup or small bowl that you place into a pot with hot water, melt the milk chocolate and decorate the cake by sprinkling the chocolate with a fork onto the hazelnut cream layer. Tastes great if kept in the refrigerator a few hours prior to serving.

Tip: If your whipped cream isn’t stiff enough, I recommend a special whipping cream powder by Dr.Oetker. If I remember it well, it’s called Whip It in the States. You mix it into the whipping cream and will get a great result.


Deutsche Version:


150g Butter

150g Zucker

2x Vanillezucker

4 Eier

200g gemahlene Haselnusskerne

1TL Backpulver

32 Schoko-Nuss-Konfektkugeln (2 Packungen Ferrero Rocher)

600ml Schlagsahne

2 Pack Sahnesteif

40g Vollmilchkuvertüre


1) Die Butter, den Zucker, Vanillezucker und die 4 Eier mit einem Mixer vermischen. Dann die gemahlenen Haselnüsse und das Backpulver hinzufügen und einrühren.

2) Den Tag bei 180 Grad (160 Grad Heissluft) 30 min lang backen.

3) Nun 24 Schokokugeln zerdrücken, danach die Sahne mit dem Sahnesteif  und etwas Vanillezucker oder -aroma steif schlagen. Anschließend portionsweise unter die Masse heben.

4) Mit Hilfe eines Tortenrings die Creme gleichmäßig auf dem Teig verteilen.

5) Die Schokolade im heißen Wasserbad erhitzen. Dazu am besten die Schokolade in einer Tasse, die in einem Topf mit heissem Wasser steht, schmelzen. Zum Schluss die geschmolzene Schokolade mit einer Gabel auf die Crememasse spritzen.

Serviertipp: Der Kuchen schmeckt am besten, wenn er vor dem Servieren einige Stunden im Kühlschrank gekühlt wurde.

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