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Getting to know: Newman Slayer Mustard

1 May


Artisan food production is getting more and more popular these days. Thinking back, it feels like it all started with the growing popularity of farmer`s markets and supermarkets like Wholefoods in the US or Alnatura (so called Bio Supermärkte) in Germany that gave us access to a wider choice of fresh and healthy food.

Almost 3 years ago, after traveling through the US, it also struck us back home that we wanted to pay more attention to what we eat and where it comes. One night, we opened our fridge to discover that 2 very industrial products still had their spots at our house: Mustard and ketchup.

Knowing little about how mustard is made, we wanted to give it a try, googled a recipe and bought the ingredients online. 6 weeks later, we got to taste our first batch and liked it so much that we went on with prototyping different flavors. The finale was a mustard tasting with a group of friends who gave us feedback on their favorite flavors.

Honey, rosemary and dill mustard immediately made it to the top three and they are now available in our little online store (http://www.newmanslayer.com/). Cinnamon bay leave, rum and chili mustard were among the more exotic ones that were liked and I later worked on a coffee flavored mustard inspired by coffee infused beers.

So far so good, we wanted to go a step further and launched our online store and facebook page last summer to keep our families, friends and followers in the loop. An important detail to be mentioned here: Our artisan mustard is light years away from industrial mustard – in a very positive way. There really is little comparison in the taste (I recognize the color and the spicy-ness); the taste is much more defined and subtle. On top of that, all of our ingredients are organic and we source them from producers  and vendors in Germany.


I hope I got you curious with our mustard. We would be very happy about a visit to our website and online shop or facebook page:







3 Jun


1-2 red or white onions,

sliced garlic (half a bulb, min. 3-4 cloves),

1 egg plant,

2 zucchinis,

1-2 bell peppers (red, yellow or green),

4 big tomatoes,

1 fresh rosemary bouquet,

1 glass of red wine,

olive oil


You can’t do much wrong about the Ratatouille, only remember to cook the ingredients separately. That means:

Onions and garlic first, then egg plant and zucchinis, add the pepper to that after the egg plant/zucchinis have gotten a little softer, tomatoes last!

My tip: Boil the tomatoes for a few minutes and peel the skin off, before dicing.

Add some of the red wine to the onion/garlic mix and keep the rest for the end. After you have mixed everything together, let it cook for about 5-10 min, don’t forget to add the rosemary!

Buon appétit!

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